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Are you or someone you know looking to enhance specific skills or behaviors to improve daily functioning and overall quality of life?

Our skill development services focus on fostering independence by enhancing practical life skills. We offer personalized support and guidance to help individuals reach their full potential, guiding them to master executive skills and ensuring they are well-equipped to handle everyday tasks and challenges.


Skill Development and Behavior Support

SBC specializes in providing short-term behavior consultation services to address a targeted set of skill deficits or behavioral challenges. SBC focuses on increasing independence and functional living skills to decrease distress symptoms or maladaptive behaviors.

Our behavior consultation services are particularly beneficial for individuals who are:


  • Neurodiverse (including but not limited to autism, intellectual disability, ADHD)

  • Individuals struggle with 2-3 behaviors that interfere with daily routines, relationships, or quality of life. Skills include life skills/adaptive skills, challenging behaviors, executive functioning, and other skills.

  • Individuals seeking practical and evidence-based solutions to address needs within a short timeframe.

SBC uses a myriad of different interventions and modalities . SBC is intentional about customizing interventions and supports around the individual and prioritizing their desires and needs.

Behavior consultation services are: 

  • Targeted Intervention: We focus on addressing a limited number of behaviors to ensure a concentrated effort and maximize the likelihood of success.

  • Practical Strategies: Our approach emphasizes the implementation of trauma informed, culturally relevant, practical, actionable strategies that can be easily incorporated into daily life.

  • Supportive Environment: Our team provides compassionate and nonjudgmental support throughout the consultation process, empowering individuals to overcome their challenges with confidence.

We do not accept insurance for our skill development or coaching services. All services are provided on a private-pay basis. We are happy to provide documentation if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider, though coverage is not guaranteed.

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